Cullasaja River Jewel

This image of Dry Falls in western N.C. from 2016 was challenging due to high contrast: dense fog just above the falls and further down the gorge, with wind from the falls keeping the nearest part of the gorge clear. Revisiting this photo, I made adjustments to the black and white points and mid-range contrast to solve those issues. The saturated color of the leaves was great, and I really like the different perspective of this popular “walk-behind” waterfall. I would have loved to see the cascade between the drop on the left and the smooth water on the right completing the picture, but that could not be done safely. My ideal would have been to have a beam of morning sun breaking through the fog and illuminating the gorge from the top left, but that wasn’t to happen that day.

Lovely image Jon! A beam of light would have been a nice touch, but it looks great as is. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you so much! And thanks to you, Jennifer and Sarah for your excellent webinars!