Dogwood Moods

I absolutely love dogwood blossoms! Their blooms signal that spring is finally here. I especially love to see them in the wild . . . they have a special beauty in the way they create patches of beauty in the woods that have yet to fully wake up for spring. In this photo I wanted to capture the delicate texture of the flower and the leaves in a very simple but moody composition. In this image I felt that side or back lighting would have taken away from the mood I wanted to capture.

I like this a lot @Ph0t0head. The blossoms really standout and their placement balances the frame. Pretty!

Thank you so much for your comments, Mark! Greatly appreciated!

@Ph0t0head, this is lovely! It has lots of energy for such a simple composition, with that diagonal made by the two flowers. The tones are exquisite, too.

Thank you so much! Dogwoods have a unique, delicate beauty. So glad you like this image!