Fall Colors Theme Assignment

From the Sept 22 Webinar, Photographing Fall Colors, here are my assignment results. I took these on the morning of the webinar! We did a roughly 5.5 mile hike at Catamount, near Woodland Park. The elevation is around 9000+ ft. The theme is “Looking Down”. All are taken with a Fuji X-PRO2, 23mm f/2 lens, hand held.

Nice collection Jim, thank you for sharing! You did a good job of finding interesting subjects in what may seem mundane to others.

Thanks! I’m almost always looking for little scenes.

I hope I am doing this correctly. I spent a days camped out at Lockett Meadow which is in the San Francisco Peaks area outside Flagstaff, AZ. There is a main trail leading south into the Inner Basin. I shot these photos with a Nikon D7500 and a Sigma 70-300mm lens. These shots were either handheld or on a tripod.

I guess my topic would be raindrops.

Nicely done! Great color contrast.

That is lovely Lore! I love the choice of the very dark background to make the leaves and droplets the subject.

Thanks Jim & David. My trip over the weekend was really fruitful. Listening to you and Jennifer talk about important tips for having a successful outing. The most important message (to me anyway) is that I just need to get out and shoot. Which most importantly means I need to always carry my camera with me.

Here is another photo. This was the first time that I have seriously tried to get night shots.

Nice images Jim! I loved David’s recommendation to not forget to look down.

On image #1 - did you intend for it to be monochrome when you shot the image? I am a huge fan of black & white. To me, there are times when a color shot of the same image is too busy and a mostly monochrome shot like this removes that extra “noise.”

Autumn Abstracts
I’m just now getting around to processing a few of the photos I took three weeks ago in Crested Butte, CO. I’ll admit I hadn’t really intended to do an ICM series, but once I started processing them it just seemed to work. Once thing I learned about myself on the trip is that when I feel overwhelmed by photographic opportunities, I turn to intentional camera movement (ICM) techniques to take off the pressure of trying to capture a perfect photo. Since ICM is almost never predictable, so it removes the burden of expectations and allows me to simply play with creative possibilities. Thanks for the inspiration David & Jennifer! :kissing_heart:

Very nice. I’ve done this a few times with mixed results. These I like.

Thanks JimVH! These were only 6 out of a couple hundred ICM attempts that I liked. It is always a mixed bag which I find relieves the pressure I can put on myself to produce a perfect photo. Since I assume most of the ICM images I make will be crap, I’m always pleasantly surprised when one works out. Kind of backward thinking, but it works for me. :wink:

My Fall Colors Project was Waterfalls and Cascades of the New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia. During the course of three days I found a wonderful collection of creek scenes to photograph, and the weather was ideal (wet, overcast, and rainy). Fortunately, I didn’t kill or injure myself getting down to some of the locations. I tried posting seven images, but evidently new users are restricted to only one image.