Focus Stacking with Affinity Photo

For those using Affinity creative programs/apps instead of Adobe’s, here are a “Behind the Scenes” post and a 3-minute tutorial video on Photo’s Focus Merge feature:

It’s great to see an alternative to Photoshop with such great features, that looks like it might work as well as Helicon Focus!

Yes, I’m very pleased with the Affinity products. I can’t give a comparison to Helicon Focus, since I’ve not used it, but Affinity products for Mac and Windows are currently available for a 90-day free trial, plus purchases of any (Mac, Windows, iPad) are 50% off right now, in case anyone wants to compare with what they’re using.

(If it’s against the rules to post this link, feel free to delete this post; I don’t see mention of it in the Guidelines of TOU.)

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