Has your photography suffered due to COVID-19?

Just curious how you are all doing with the shelter in place orders? Who is still photographing and who hasn’t touched their camera? I have to admit that I have done very little. I’ve been focused on work to keep my mind off the situation and my photography has fallen by the wayside. I do have some Lensbaby lenses on the way to test out and I’m excited to get back outside and play with those and experiment with new techniques!

I haven’t done much shooting at all. I think the situation has just gotten me down. Only this week have I started to look around my backyard. I almost had to force myself to get out, vs. other times when I can’t wait to get out. So, getting back into it.

I am new here. Just discovered you guys. Which tells you how I am doing with my photography. I have been a photographer for over 65 years (just turned 78,) And while i am a very experienced photographer and pretty well versed in post processing, I am always on the look out for people who can teach me new ways of see, thinking, composing and processing images. So while I haven’t been out shooting (I live in Marin County north of San Francisco) in my favorite local spots, I have been watching stuff and playing with images. I am taking Out of Chicago’s On Line workshop later this month. (Did Out of Oregon and it was fantastic.)

Definitely. I am still looking for things to photograph. Hopefully in the next week or so, our snow will disappear and the new growth on trees and flowers will begin. In the meantime, I have been going to webinars and catching up on some of my backlog of photography readings. Folks in our area can still go outside as long as we maintain our 2 metre distance. For me, that will not be a problem.

To be honest, I haven’t hardly touched my camera not edited any photos. Taking a break my self. Thank you for the inspiration, David and Jennifer

I started my annual spring break/Baseball Spring Training vacation in Arizona just as the COVID-19 thing was ramping up. Went home for a week to take care of some of my responsibilities with the city and county parks departments, and just as I returned to AZ, things really shut down with Stay at Home orders. Instead of going back to Colorado at the beginning of April, we decided to ride out the pandemic in Arizona. It turns out to have been the right decision.
The “Stay at Home” orders have exceptions for outdoor recreation, especially for hiking, which is what I do for a living (I’m a freelance journalist), so getting out of the house hasn’t been an issue, and neither has been maintaining social distancing etc.
March and April are prime wildflower season in Arizona, so my extended stay has enabled me to shoot a lot of the wildflowers, especially the cactus blossoms.
So for me, COVID-19 has actually been good for my photography. I just wish it wasn’t accompanied by such a huge cost to so many others.

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I’m on day 52, I believe, of stay-at-home. I’m extremely lucky in that I have easy access to a nearby undeveloped area for walking. Being able to get out and make photos has helped my attitude immensely, especially in the beginning.

I’ve been trying more with my macro lens in the house. I’m thankfully not in a hard hit or lock down area so I’ve gotten out to the Badlands NP and done a photo shoot with a friend ( in which I realized I need to learn a lot more about portrait shoots). I don’t get out much in winter to shoot so I’ve been itching to shoot.


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