"The Evolution of Landscape Photography in the Last Decade"

In this undated post, Leonardo Papèra notes the changes he’s noticed and experienced personally, points to social media as one factor, and talks about how he has changed as a landscape photographer.

An interesting recap, whether you’ve been making landscape images for a decade or more, are new to it, or are returning after time away.

[Post edited by OP to update article link after the original I posted quit working. The following URL is for reference, but as of May 20, 2002 in the U.S., it no longer works.
http://www.leonardopapera.com/books/the-evolution-of-landscape-photography-in-the-last-decade-art-1/ ]

Hi David & Jennifer,

I get an “Internal Server Error” message when I try to open Leonardo’s post.

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Bill, I’m responding as the original poster. Thanks for bringing up this problem.

I’m getting the same result, using the URL in my browser’s history, so I did a little sleuthing. It looks like the author/photographer moved the piece to another website.

Here’s a (currently) working link:

Thanks for sharing Marcella, this is a fantastic article!

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